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CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal has, since its inception, been involved with research activities related mainly to materials and processes. The past achievements of CSIR-AMPRI establish its strength to take up assignments in the areas of material development, processing and characterization. Also, AMPRI is equipped with a wide variety of processing and characterization facilities.


Scientists of CSIR-AMPRI, acting as faculty for the AcSIR-AMPRI campus, have established themselves as researchers of worldwide acceptability. The number of Ph.D./M..Tech. theses conferred by different universities under the supervision of CSIR-AMPRI Scientists runs to over hundreds and most of those who have completed their dissertations at this Institute presently hold faculty positions in different nationally and internationally recognized academic/research institutions.


The present areas of R&D at this premier institute include Lightweight High Strength Materials, Smart Materials including Thermo-Responsive Shape Memory Materials, Nanostructured Alloys and their Composites, Microfluidics, Natural Resources and Waste Utilization, and Natural Fibre-Based Construction Materials. The Institute is well equipped with a good campus and required hostel facilities.


Under the aegis of AcSIR, CSIR-AMPRI offers Ph.D. programme in Engineering Sciences and Chemical Sciences. Under Engineering Sciences, PhD is awarded  in the area of Materials Science and Technology. Twenty six courses are offered to the candidates to choose from for fulfilling the required credits as per AcSIR norms. Similarly, 25 courses have been designed in the area of Chemical Sciences. The courses have been designed to abreast the candidates with both the basic and up to date developments in the areas of study. AcSIR - AMPRI, Bhopal has been running the Ph.D. programme in Engineering Sciences since January 2014 and in Chemical Sciences since August 2014.  Fresh students are enrolled twice a year as per AcSIR guidelines. As on date, there are 13 students enrolled for their Ph.D.  in Engineering Sciences (MST) and Chemical Sciences.


About AcSIR


The Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR) was established by an Act of  Parliament, the Academy of Scientific Innovative Research Act, 2011 vide.  The Gazette of India No.15 dated February 7, 2012 and notified on 3rd April 2012 has adopted the mandate to create and train some of the best of tomorrow's S&T leaders through a combination of innovative and novel curricula, pedagogy and evaluation. The Academy aims to nurture a research-propelled, technology-enabled, industry-linked, socially conscious higher education platform to create highest quality personnel with cross-disciplinary knowledge to provide leaders in the field of science and technology to bridge the gap that exists today between academics and societal applications.